Aha! Launches In Toronto

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Posted on January 29, 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Canadians now have access to information and resources for alternative healthcare.

Aha! is dedicated to empowering its members to achieve happier, healthier lives. Through education, Aha! serves to promote awareness, interest, and accessibility to alternative healthcare.

The demand for information and health alternatives is already enormous, and growing, and yet there are few independent, credible resources for people investigating these options, and that need is not being addressed.

A key focus for Aha! will be to become a trusted patient resource for pain management and wellness alternatives, and support initiatives to ensure all Canadians have access to qualified practitioners, as well as access to extended healthcare insurance coverage.

Aha! will work alongside Health Canada to advance the alternative healthcare ecosystem.

CONTACT: For further information and media inquiries please contact Jamie Brenzel at 416-464-5251

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