Board of Directors

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Meet the Board of Directors

Jamie Brenzel

Jamie Brenzel is a seasoned business leader with a solid blend of business development, financial acumen, and influential leadership. During the past 30 years, he has been involved in a number of not-for-profit entities, corporate boards, and community organizations. He was a pioneer in cloud computing, founding Data Deposit Box (CSE: DDB) in 2002 and responsible for overseeing activities as CEO and director for 14 years. His entrepreneurial experience includes founding a marketing communications company and the successful sale of a typography business. His experience in the finance industry includes seven years in equity capital markets at ScotiaMcLeod and Salomon Brothers in London, UK. Jamie is passionate about educating people with respect to alternative health and is currently the founder and CEO of Aha!

George Callahan

George B. Callahan is a corporate/litigation counsel who has been engaged in the practice of law for over thirty years. Mr. Callahan started his own Bay Street firm, Callahan and Associates, where he developed a strong team with expertise in securities law, securities litigation, real estate, intellectual property, commercial litigation, commercial fraud, and international banking. George expanded his corporate practice to include venture capital and business development as well as serving as international legal counsel for a number of client ventures. Mr. Callahan is one of the founding partners of the Supreme Cannabis Company. George attended Carlton University where he graduated with distinction in political science and law, the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and the University of Grenoble in France where he studied French language and literature.

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