Therapy Helped My Headaches

Reading Time: 1 minutes
Posted on February 6, 2020

I started getting headaches in my 50's and after multiple visits to my family doctor and specialists there were no answers.

Reading Time: 1 minute

I am in my 60’s and I am still very active for my age. However, I started getting headaches in my 50’s and after multiple visits to my family doctor and specialists there were no answers. They just kept putting me onto different medications. None of them helped for very long and I was experiencing side effects that were worse than the headaches sometimes.

A friend of mine suggested that I see a massage therapist and by this time I had nothing to lose. I scheduled a 1 hour appointment at a physiotherapy clinic that was close to home.

The day of my first appointment I had a headache and this was ideal because this would be a true test to whether this could actually work for me.

I talked to the therapist about my issues and he suggested a few techniques, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and relaxation massage.

After the session, my headache was gone and I was feeling energetic. I scheduled my next appointment for the following week and continued to go weekly for the next 4 weeks.

After 4 weeks I started going just once per month and I have felt great ever since. I have had mild headaches, but nothing compared to the headaches that I was having before I started massage therapy!

Now I tell my friends and family that they should consider trying it, even if it is to just relieve tension.

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