Cannabis Insurance

Ipsos poll reports that 65% of Canadians would take cannabis if covered by insurance

Reading Time: 1 minutes
Posted on April 13, 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Two-thirds of Canadians would take a drug containing cannabis if it were prescribed by a doctor, approved by Health Canada and covered by insurance, according to a new Ipsos poll. 82 percent of Canadians agreed cannabis can reduce pain and other symptoms, while 68 percent said they’re willing to take cannabis to help manage chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety or depression.

As far as expanding patient access to cannabis medicines through the regulatory pathway, 17 percent said they’re closely following the Health Canada’s approving clinical trials for cannabis-based medicines, while 41 per cent said they’ve heard of this development but aren’t following it.

72 percent of respondents said they’d trust a drug containing cannabis if it was prescribed by their doctor, while 56 per cent agreed their doctor knows how to treat them with cannabis.

11 percent of Canadians said they’ve asked their doctor to prescribe cannabis for a health condition and, among those, 45 percent reported their doctor prescribed cannabis willingly.

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